'Thomas à Becket'

Код на продукта: DA055

Наличност: няма

Цена: 35,00 лв.

Продуктът не е наличен.

This is a variety of very different character from the general run of English Roses, being rather closer to the Species Roses than to the Old Roses and more natural and shrubby in growth. The individual flowers can best be described as shallowly cupped, opening as informal rosettes; the petals quickly reflexing as the flowers age. They are held in medium-sized heads; the individual blooms nodding attractively on the stem. They have an Old Rose fragrance with a strong lemon zest character. The colour is difficult to describe or even photograph: the best we can say is an attractive light red paling to carmine red. This variety is best used where an informal shrub is required. A particularly strong and healthy variety. 4 x 3ft or more, according to pruning.

We were asked to name this rose for Canterbury Cathedral and were very pleased to do so.



  • Височина: 120см

  • Широчина: 100см

  • Аромат: Добър

  • Контейнер: David Austin 6 литра
















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